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    We also had the same fault with the Alarm Control Unit and received dreadful service from the Customer Relations people at Ford so this will be the last car we buy from them. We have owned the car from new (2ltr Diesel Titanium) and use it to tow a caravan as well as transport hordes of kids around the place. Really sad as this is an excellent vehicle which is great to drive and thoughtfully designed but the fools who run Customer Relations employ people without technical knowledge. When I asked if they could put me in touch with a knowledgeable person they gave me the number of a phone line with a ridiculous cost per minute - how is that for a PR own goal. If the Alarm Control Module is replaced and you are still getting the "Alarm Service Required" signal it means that more water is dripping onto the module and it will only be a matter of time before that one fails as well. I replaced the unit myself but made a little "raincoat" for it from a piece of thick polythene and so far have had no further problems. The steel panel directly above the Alarm Control Module has a drainage hole cut into it fitted with a plastic diverter tube. If they had thought to seal the plastic diverter to the steel panel we would all be at least £135 better off. Because they didn't, water pours out around the edge of the diverter and slowly destroys the Alarm Control Module. I have pictures that I took when I replaced the unit if anyone would like to see them! As you may have gathered Ford Customer relations said that they could not contribute to the cost of the replacement as the fault was caused by water ingress so they weren't liable. I maintain that this is a design fault so we will be taking our money to either BMW or Volvo in the next couple of months.