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  1. Hi all, Since I've had my Mondeo (18 months or so), there has been an intermitant issue with the inbuilt satnav (the touch screen on a 2005 mondeo), It has got to a point now where it hardly works. The discs is an original (original with car so a 2004/2005 disc) yet it sometimes says "this disc is not a map disc". Any idea as to what the problem is?
  2. Idle Speed

    I have a 2005 mondeo estate 2.0 Tdci 130 Ghia, with about 83k on the clock. Any idea as to why it would all of a sudden start idleing at about 1k? It seems to be running fine.
  3. So on the last service & MOT, I was advised that the pads & discs need doing on my Mondeo (2005 2.0 tdci estate with self leveling). It doesn't surprise me as it's now 80k on the clock & I know it's still got the original discs on it. My questions are; what tools will I need? Do the pistons push back or do I need to get the tool to wind them back? handbrake? does it come off easily?
  4. Mondeo Sat Nav

    Hi, I have an '05 plate mondeo Ghia with the inbuilt colour touch screen sat nav. does anybody know where I can get a new sat nav disc for a reasonable cost? (Ford @ £230+ isn't reasonable) thanks
  5. Mondeo Bonnet Catch

    And it works!! Put cable tie in and works every time!!
  6. Knocking Noise From Engine

    Do you still have the same problem? Does having the A/C on or off make any difference? as I believe they are run off the same belt & tensioner?
  7. It seems we have both bought almost identical cars! ('05 Mondeo estate 130 6spd 60k) But we seem to be having different issue's lol
  8. Wet rear footwell

    It seems I have the exact same problem with my Mondeo, I'll off to take the door card off asap
  9. Mondeo Bonnet Catch

    Cheers, I'll try that this morning
  10. Hi, I have recently gone bought an '05 plate Mondeo Tdci 130 estate & already have an issue with the car. Now I have had the bonnet open twice within the past 3 weeks and no problems. But the car went into my local garage for a couple of things (anti-roll bar link knocking & A/c belt tensioner noisey) but the bonnet wouldn't open properly??!! Now I was there at the time as I know the guys. The bonnet will pop on the first turn to the left but when turned right to release the catch it's not opening & feeling like i'm going to snap the key? Any idea's how to open it without drilling the grill? I know the previous owner (my dad) and there has never been a problem with it in the past. Cheers