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  1. 4 Problems With The Fusion Any Help Appreciated.

    Hi all, thanks for the responses. I went and bought a Haynes Manual for the Fiesta and worked out that it was indeed the GEM. Got a quote from Fords at a staggering £257.00 for the new part. So took the old one out, photographed the numbers on the side. Then found one on Ebay for £49 including delivery. Part turned up last week, put it in on Saturday, reprogrammed the key for the central locking, and hey presto it all works. So happy to have done so, it's great that all the bits and pieces work again.
  2. Hi all, just registered on the forum and hoping someone will be able to offer some advice. I have a 55 Fusion 2. 1.4 petrol manual car. Over the last few weeks a few problems have emerged. Firstly the intermittant wiper isn't intermittant anymore. It works in the next two positions. I originally thought this was something to do with me reprogramming it by accident. My understanding from the handbook that came with the car is that it should wipe the windows within 25 seconds. It doesn't. Which brings me to the second problem which is the back wiper, which again isn't wiping. Doesn't appear to be a motor problem and I'm thinking (but I could be horribly wrong) that this is linked to the first problem. Now the heated front and back screen are no longer working. Finally the central locking is not working with the key. I've changed the fuses on all of the above in the fuse box behind the glove box, but to no effect. I've reprogrammed the key as per the handbook which works whilst I sit in the car, but once I leave the car it no longer works. I've replaced the battery in the key, no change. The key is clearly working. I've also read up on the internet and there isn't a Haynes Manual for the Fusion but apparently the Fiesta manual should cover the Fusion. So I guess what I'm really asking is has anyone solved any of these? or is there another fuse box that I'm missing? or should I just take the car to Fords and let them play around with it? Thanks in advance for any ideas that you may have. Teresa
  3. Another Newbie!

    Hi all. I currently own a Ford Fusion 1.4. When I started driving 20 years ago my first car was a Mark 1 Ford Escort, after that I have had four Ford Fiesta's (some I'm sure held together with sellotape!) I've also owned a Ford Cortina automatic which was like driving a settee! Most recently I bought the Fusion around 18 months ago.