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  1. does oz 16x8 alloys fit a ford fiesta flame 04? im thinking of getting a set but jst want to make sure that they fit ok before i do.. some people say that they myt nt bt wana make sure.. thanks for ur help
  2. did u have any spacers r nefin?? and would u have a link to the springs online?? thanks
  3. if i lowered it and put on a set of 17s would there b a chance?? n tell you the truth i aint to sure yet any sugestions?? want a gd set but dnt wana spend to much money on them.. thanks for ur message
  4. class Zetec thinks it brill...

  5. Im thinkin of lowering my 2004 fiesta flame about 40mm but not totaly sure on what i need. I hear that i would only need springs but nt to sure. and if i lowered it 40 wat would b the best size of alloys for it that dont rub?? any help would b brillaint cheers...