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  1. Would stainless steel be best or maybe a plastic covered in some kind of heat deflecting foil?
  2. Looking to fit a Ram Air cone filter at the end of the month. I know a few of you have these or similar fitted but can i ask what you used for the heatshield? Thanks
  3. I know some of you have fitted a full set of st pedals as part of your modding routines How easy (or difficult) are they to fit to a standard 1.5? Any tips greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. I have a mk 1.5 petrol and Looking to add a crankcase oil breather filter to my set up but would anyone know what size i need please? Thanks
  5. Just after some ideas please guys. I have a 2004 Focus Edge that has the lower fog light set up but is there anything I can do to improve the look of these? I don't really want to tint them dark, but as the car is machine silver was wondering if tinting them yellow would work ..or maybe a definite no no! Any way , maybe an ST170 fog light set up may be on the cards? Any ideas appreciated Cheers Pete
  6. Exvellent well done. Look in great condition too. Regarding the ST steats did you need to connect in any looming or did you already have electric front seats?
  7. Coming along nicely..you still getting the ST seats in?
  8. Thanks very much, thats a great appraisal Pete
  9. Just curious but are there any known issues with mk2 automatic gearbox? seem to be going more journeys in traffic and might consider one in the near future Thanks as usual
  10. Also are ST seats electric? May be a consideration if you dont already have electric seats
  11. Also can i ask where the best place would be to specifically position the heat shield? Thanks
  12. Just thinking out loud but would it be a idea to keep the base of the air filter box in place so the cone sits on it and the standard snorkel would act as the cold air feed? Or just go for an additional duct as suggested?
  13. I'm looking to get a Ram Air induction cone filter in soon that will bolt onto the existing duct but I need some help. What actually do you do with the oil breather hose. I was thinking of replacing this with a crankcase breather filter. Would this be the best thing to do? Also, a bit bit concerned with heat sink so can I ask what to use as a heatshield and where to position it? Mk1 Focus petrol by the way Thanks for your help Pete
  14. Thanks will take a look. Finally do you also have an oil breather filter fitted?. Seen some setups with one and others without? Wondering also if there are any benefits to having one