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  1. Strange clutch noise when cold

    Ok thanks. Out of interest do you know if its an expensive fix?
  2. Bit of a strange one i need help with please. I get a strange whine from my clutch only when being lifted to about 3/4 way up and only when its cold. Goes away after a few uses of the clutch but i am lost as to what could be at fault as its not slipping. Also it only happens just when its being lifted. No whine noise when being pressed down. Sorry about the description by the way ! Any ideas on this one please guys? Thanks
  3. Guys , need some help and advice I have been considering an 07 plate Focus Style with an auto gearbox. I know from some research some Focus gearbox are more reliable than others. I need to ask what the Auto gearbox is in this car and whether its the more reliable version? Thanks for any advice
  4. Help fitting voltmeter guage Mk1

    Ok but just does not look right. Hoping to get a dial in maybe in a pod but was just curious about the wiring in
  5. I fancy installing a voltmeter in my Mk1. I understand running the + cable direct to the battery but can anyone please advise where I link the negative wire to safely. Im also concious I need it to power off with the car too? Thanks for any advice Pete
  6. Just curious, any value in putting Shell V Power in the tank every time or even every so often? Mines a standard (Apart from a RamAir foam cone filter) 1.6 petrol so will I see any real benefits from putting the more expensive stuff in? Pete
  7. A question for those with a RamAir cone filter

    Thanks. Also what did you do with your crankcase breather hose? Were you able to keep it as you kept the airbox base?
  8. Can I ask hwo have you installed yours? Did you keep the base of the original air box in place and allow the cone to sit on that, or did you remove the entire airbox altogether? Thanks
  9. My ST170 'project'

    How did you find the improvement after fitting the brace?
  10. Whispy noise when accelerating?

    Thanks but my noise is more like air escaping maybe a leak in the exhaust? Bit confused cos it only seems to happen at low revs
  11. Just a long shot here and apologies for the poor description. Hope you guys can help me with an issue I seem to get a whispy maybe metallic sound when pulling away at low torque. Cant pinpont the issue but sems to be front bottom end and only when accelerating? Car drives fine otherwise. Not sure where to start with this one but any ideas appreciated Pete
  12. Noise when pulling away

    Does the noise stop once the clutch has been used a few times?
  13. ECU reset

    Any recommend best way to do an ECU reset? Thanks
  14. ECU reset

    I have a 1.5 mk1 and it just seems a bit sluggish recently. Want to try an ECU reset to see if i see any noticable difference after and dont think ones been done recently. Is the best way just to remove the + terminal for a few hours? Thanks
  15. Attaching a new tailpipe

    Guys bit of an odd one this but can i ask advice on attaching a new larger bore tailpipe i have made myself?.Had a new aftermarket backbox recently and the tailpipe looks awful I plan to cut back the thinner existing one and somehow attach the new one to the backbox. I guess it woukd be best to weld it on but is this something i can do at home with no welding experience? Both are made of mild steel. Thanks as usual