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  1. Just curious but is there any way of getting an ST170 backbox onto a standard exhaust? I know bores are different sizes so not a straightforward fit but has anyone acheived this or can suggest a way please? Thanks
  2. Cheers mac dont forget to let us know how you get on Yours a mk1 by the way?
  3. Whats the issue your experiencing?
  4. Just curious Anyone do this as a matter of routine rather than wait til there is an issue? Got some time on my hands this week so was thinking of cleaning these out. Also anyone experience any negative results by doing this? Thanks as usual Pete
  5. Exactly right just hoping to add a bit of top end extension rather than a full overhaul. Can i please ask for ideas on how to acheive this regards to bits needed etc.
  6. Ok harder than i thought
  7. The knob is just screwed onto the shaft
  8. Just curious but has anyone been able to raise the gearstick slightly just so the gearknob sits a couple inches higher? Mk1 focus by the way if it helps. Thanks
  9. Thanks yes its a mk1 . Sorry should have stated this.
  10. Sorry guys another bulb question but could not find the answer in the bulbs sticky. 2004 focus current with standard stock instrument cluster bulbs. Want to upgrade to blue ones. Can anyone please confirm the type i need to be looking for. Thanks.
  11. Thank you . Dont suppose you know if all ST seats are electric as mine are manual amd i probably wont bother with fiddling with the electrics in that case?
  12. Will a set of ST170 seats front and back from the same year fit into my standard Edge without any major modifications needed? Just curious as a mate has a set for sale and I could just be tempted.... Thanks and a happy new year Pete
  13. Thanks Stef
  14. Thank you. Just curious but is my plan likey to end up with a louder note due to the larger pipe boreas its something I really wouldnt want! thanks
  15. Sorry to drag up an old thread but if I say wanted to keep the existing backbox but weld on a bigger bore tailpipe(purely for cosmetic reasons) can it be done with no negative effect? I guess i'd be welding a mild steel tailpipe onto a mild steel backbox