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  1. Thanks Stef
  2. Thank you. Just curious but is my plan likey to end up with a louder note due to the larger pipe boreas its something I really wouldnt want! thanks
  3. Sorry to drag up an old thread but if I say wanted to keep the existing backbox but weld on a bigger bore tailpipe(purely for cosmetic reasons) can it be done with no negative effect? I guess i'd be welding a mild steel tailpipe onto a mild steel backbox
  4. I will do . Just thought someone may have experienced this already this winter. Looks like its pointing to the battery?
  5. Now I would expect there to be a lower ilde as there is extra load on the battery but its to the point where the car nearly wants to cut out when the internal fans are on? (revs dip every few seconds to be exact) I'm thinking battery needs replacing soon here, but anyone confirm this or any other ideas appreciated Thanks as usual Pete
  6. Original tailpipe? Dont suppose you could get a picture up?
  7. Hope someone can advise me please. I'm experiencing a strange clutch 'groaning' noise when pulling away and raising the clutch but this only happens when the clutch is cold. It seems fine, no slipping etc, but I get the 'groan' when the clutch is lifted to about half way and goes away when fully up or pressed. Only happens when i lift the clutch.Bit like something is rubbing just at that point? (sorry for the poor description but hope you get what I mean!) Thanks Peter
  8. thank you
  9. Hi Hope someone can advise me. I have a standard fit exhaust and the back box was recently changed. It looks sort of 'odd' to have the tailpipe sticking out slightly and I would really like to cut this end back into a slash cut to contour the way the bumper is. Will I notice any difference in sound by doing this or cause any real harm to the way the exhaust operates as a whole? Just curious Pete
  10. Just curious nay be a cheap upgrade but wonder if anyone has done this and the level of difficulty- if at all possible? Like the look of these Thanks Pete
  11. Ok thanks Has anyone done this on a mk1 who can point me in the direction of the m10 to m12 thread converter please? Appreciate the help on this
  12. Thank you guys for your help. Not sure on the gearbox type just a 2004 Edge that finds reverse by press down : the 'locking' thing you mention is that where you lift a collar under the gearknob to select the reverse? If so i dont have that. Thank you
  13. Hi all Saying Hi with a question please Will a Mk2 gear knob fit a mk1 without any or much modification? Thank you and look forward to speaking to some of you soon Pete
  14. Saying Hi with a question please.. I have just bought my first Mondeo- 2.0L petrol ghia x Auto on an 02 plate-and very impressed with it so far. I know its a little late now but I've been wondering how good or reliable the Auto transmission boxes are on these cars? Are they generally known to be quite unreliable? I have checked the fluid level and all looks good and clean and changes up and down very smoothly but anything to be aware of on these? Many thanks I look forward to speaking with some of you soon peter