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  1. Hi all, Some little !Removed! decided a couple of nights ago to rip off a couple of letters from the 'FOCUS' letters on the rear of my car. I've searched and not found anywhere that does them. Does anyone know where I can get them from, do the main dealers do them? Thanks!!
  2. Fiesta Finesse Radio Code

    Try looking in the Glove Compartment, Mine is on a sticker stuck to the flap on there.
  3. £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    Well, here's one for you, I took my Fiesta into Ford on Monday as my gears have been getting really difficult to change after about 20 mins of driving. To cut a long story short, they called me and said it wasn't the clutch that was the problem, as they had suspected but an issue with the gearbox so i'd need a new one costing £1700 in total inc labour. I nearly started crying down the phone there and then!! they said they could open the box and see what the issue is inside but that would be £640 just for the labour as a kick-off and then cost of any parts after and could still need a new box. I got the car back and said i'd think about my options and took it to an independant garage who said they'd fit a refurbished one with a years guarantee for about £600. Go ahead I said and took it in to them. I got a call yesterday from the garage saying they had fixed the fault without the need for a new gearbox. The linkage had seized and they have fixed this for the princely sum of..... £70! I am seething with anger at Ford , Either their engineers are inept or they have tried to completely rip me off for £1600. Unbelievable!!!