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  1. Good evening All, I need your help, I bought a secondhand Focus at the weekend and I've noticed something only after taking it for a test drive. When I drive, no matter how fast I'm going the rev counter doesn't go above 2000/2500 rpm. To make sure the rev counter needle does work while in neutral I press on the accelerator and it shoots upwards. I'm taking the car to a local mechanic during the week, he suspects it could be the throttle body but without looking at the car he can't be definite. The gearbox doesn't feel as smooth as a new car, the car's only done 50k miles and its a 2003 Zetec 1.6 Ghia, could the gearbox have anything to do with the rev counter? I hope I am not needing to replace the gearbox. I am now realising why I've always prefered to buy cars from Ford dealers but on this occasion finances are tight especially with the imminent arrival of a baby, aaaaaargh! Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. I've got KW Inox S coilovers, I've had them on for 5 months and (touch wood) they're fantastic! The ride isn't that hard, feels pleasantly smooth. The kit cost me just over £900. This is what the height looks like:
  3. Ladies & Gents I've been lucky enough to have my car featured in Performance Ford, have a read! P.S. the car is now for sale if you know of any potential buyers please forward them my contact details (m: 07956987650) The car is advertised for £10700 but I'm open to sensible offers. Thank you Kabir
  4. Ben - I am sad to see it go but whoever buys it will be getting a bargain baring in mind the money that I've spent on this. Bingoooo - the Alpine unit comes with a SatNav, bluetooth, iPod connection as well as DVD. The unit costs £900 retail, the complete audio upgrade on my car came to just over £2k'ish
  5. Good Afternoon Gents I've been told aftermarket HID kits are illegal - you need to have self wipe and self levelling headlights, but fortunately in my area the Police are too buys chasing drug dealers and muggers to be bothered about a Fez with the wrong type of lights. Regarding the head unit, this doesn't get in the way of the small screen thats housed on top of the dash. Thank you