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  1. Help Please

    The car is a 2litre TDDI it was plated in 2002 and has done 237 plus and had a new fuel pump when the mileage was 150 plus hope this is help full to you.
  2. Help Please

    the other day when driving i had a jerking movement for a couple of miles then had as plum of grey smoke about 200-300 yards down the road it cut out and would'nt start at all when to a friend who replaced the fuel filter and test drove it and told me he had it running without a hitch picked it up today and the problem is still there it cut out again no glow plug light comes on so he cant read the error codes , need help please
  3. X Reg Mondeo Mk3 2Ltr Tddi

    try the intercooler pipe along the front