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  1. Hi guys, been a while. Thought I'd share this because I've never seen this before, and I think it actually looks really good. What do you guys think?
  2. The drifting around in the video is characteristic of AWD. And we know that they couldn't put much more than 300bhp through the front wheels. So I'd predict AWD, 300-325bhp from the 2l ecoboost, a crazy bodykit, some vibrant colours, and hoping they'll do a 3 door version. Also hoping that it'll be as hardcore as the mk2, and not just a tuned up ST
  3. Video credit: fordeurope (youtube) Suprised this hasn't been posted here yet, unless it's somewhere obscure? Anyway, time to get excited!
  4. If it's not much more, go for the ST its worth it, test drive it to check the comfort, and dont worry about the power, its very predictable in the handling department, and I believe you can set a power level with "my key" if you're concerned its too much. You'll grow into it quick though. As others have said, if you want the st and buy the tx, you'll probably end up regretting it.
  5. How big is it going to feel in estate form then? lol. My dad has a hatchback Mk3 Focus, it does feel a lot bigger than the fiesta considering the physical size difference isn't all that much, And I'm no big fan of the current Focus ST, it's alright. The upcoming face lift seems to address many of the styling cues which ford received a backlash of criticism over, and I think it looks better now, still it'll never be as pretty as a nice fiesta imo. This is exactly how I feel, it's the sensible thing to do, my head says one thing, my heart another. Cheers FOCA. Hi Phil, I do like the Fiesta ST, especially with a spec like yours, ST3, Spirit Blue, MP215, that's the combination dreams are made out of. However, this wouldn't really be a feasible option for me, they're just too expensive for not much gained, I realize a Focus ST is more, but depreciation hits the Focus a lot harder than the Fiesta in the 2nd hand market, thus you get a lot more everything for your money. For now, I'm happy with my Metal, the only way I'd trade it for a Fiesta ST was if it were a straight swap, I prefer the looks of the pre-facelift Mk7s, front grill, alloys, headlamps etc, and 134ps isn't too shabby in the real world. Letting go of the Metal is going to be hard, but I think it's going to come to that.
  6. Hi guys, it's been a while since my last visit. I'll get straight to the point, I'm in a dilemma with what I want to do with a car over the next 5+ years, Last year I bought a Fiesta Metal in Midnight Sky (grey/blue) currently at 16k miles, I love it. The plan was when I was 25 and could afford the insurance I'd: Mountune 155ps -35/-50mm lowring springs/coilovers with spacers LED DRLs in the fog lamps (note my avatar is edited, they're just regular halogen fogs atm) Gloss the exterior plastics and a bit of chip/scratch repair (caused by cats and a white van) and perhaps get round to the interior with rooflining, resprayed doorcards and pillars, and a black fabric dash. And OEM Ambient lighting with matching footwell/door bin lighting, front courtesy light with sunglasses holder, with the original courtesy light being moved to the back. Fiesta ST front+rear brake conversion. I'm budgeting myself to ~£5k max for all of this. So far I've only made a few small mods: Canbus ready side facing LED sidelights Osram blue tint indicators +30% blue tint halogen headlamps +100% Phillips Main beams Multi-directional LED number plate lights. Team Heko Wind deflectors However, I'm quite liking the look of the 2015 face lift Focus ST, and I've always had a bit of a soft spot for quick estates. Also, I plan to be moving to the other side of the country within the next 2 years to move out with the Mrs, we're looking to get 2 large-ish dogs too (vizsla & ridgeback) and who knows, kids down the line too. so A Focus ST Estate would be really useful for ferrying all that around, and a Fiesta would be hideously impracticable and would mean buying a 2nd cheap big car. Plans for Focus ST3 Estate: 2nd hand, as many options as I can find. Black or Grey (need to see grey in the flesh first) if Grey - Black alloys, Black exhaust tip if Black - Colour code exhaust tip to the colour of the "Style pack" alloys. Mountune 275 or Remap and other light modifications if I went for the derv (90% sure I want the petrol though - I'll test drive them both) Lowering springs, possibly adjustable height air suspension. The Focus is a lot more practical, slightly faster, a lot more powerful, and imo has a much nicer cabin It's a lot more rare than the Fiesta, but probably more common than a Fiesta Metal. The Fiesta will always be the more fun car to drive, not necessarily better, but I can't see an estate ever being able to match it's personality. Imo, it looks better too. What would you do? Throw £5k at the Fiesta to make a really nice drivers/enthusiasts car, or save the money and PX it for the bigger, better Focus? Please vote on the poll, and express your opinions in detail if you wish, I'm really 50/50 on this. Here's a few simple pics as I've never shown her off to you guys.
  7. Intro: There's very little on the web about changing a fog lamp, and the handbook just tells you to consult your dealer. My fog lamp was damaged after hitting a stone at speed, I know this has happened to other fellow members of the forum, and will likely affect others in time to come. I changed mine today, here's how: Purchase links & Info: I purchased a fog lamp housing from you can get these parts through Ford, however I've heard quotes of £70-£110+ to have it replaced. This one is £23 and although it's not the official Ford part, it is matching OEM quality. (please note the link is drivers side only) I then purchased a 55w H11 bulb from I went for the cheapest to match my other fog lamp. All in after postage & packaging it came to £40, and two days later they turned up: Tools you'll need: You will need: A flat head screwdriver A T25 Torx, preferably with a 1/4" socket ratchet A Torch (helpful, not necessary) Step #1: Removing headlamp to access fog lamp Firstly remove the main headlamp unit, there's a comprehensive guide here for those who aren't familiar. Close up of the fog: Step #2: Removing fog lamp housing from mount The fog lamp housing is held to a mount with 2 Torx screws, and 2 locating pins. The screws are on the top left and bottom right as you look down on it. It's a bit of a fiddle getting them loose. The bulb just twists and pulls out of the housing. Once the screws and bulb are out the housing will just pull out. If you need to change the bulb there is a small clip on the side to take the bulb from it's holder. Fog lamp mount: (fog housing removed) Step #3: Replacing everything Replace the new fog housing, fitting the bulb first. Use the locating pins to line up the two torx screws, and tighten. Quick test, then replace your headlamp and job done. If you have any questions, just ask, I know the guide doesn't go into great detail but hopefully this guide will help someone, sometime. Thanks
  8. I think the ZS is the best looking in the range now. The matching honeycomb lower grill & fog surrounds help to tie in the main grille. The additional lip & chin spoiler fit the car better than the ST's 1 piece front bumper too. I like this grille set-up more than the chromed ones, and more than the ST's mix of honeycomb and horizontal bars. The new alloys are also a bit plain, why they didn't continue the ever popular street-packs in 15" & 17" is beyond me.. - I vote the facelift, for interior quality and ecoboost engines. I still prefer the pre-facelift for pretty much everything else, especially the grille. (could only own a new one in black I think!)
  9. Just read about this in a similar article in a local paper, thought it may of been of interest.
  10. The Mk7 is on average 2 (old) insurance groups lower than the Mk6 like for like. Example: Mk6 Fiesta highest insurance group 8 (excl. ST), Mk7 spans between group 4 and 6, on the old 1-20 insurance grouping. I had finance on my Fiesta Zetec S, but I picked it up 2nd hand (6k miles) for £10,000 from motorpoint with repayments of £190 per month with a £2,000 deposit. If it's what you want to do then I'd say go for it, if you can't afford a brand new one look into places like motorpoint/carcraft etc which sell partly used cars. Just make sure you can afford the insurance on top of the finance repayments, shop around insurers and look at different engine sizes/trim levels til you find something that suits you. Some info to take into account if you're not already familiar:
  11. Redirect ->
  12. I'm not sure where you'd find the small plastic parts in a different colour, but they do easily pull off the vent and shouldn't be too hard to spray whatever colour you want. Here's a few ideas from what I've seen from other posts. You could spray interior plastics/centre console to a different theme such as glossy black like on the Fiesta Metal or you get the pieces vinyl wrapped in something like carbon fibre effect. Does your car have interior pack? If not you could add the interior pack gear stick/handbrake and gaiters. Self adhesive carpets for rear seat backs to protect the exposed metal and looks better (if your car doesn't already have them). You can also cover some of the lower plastic parts in the foot well with the carpet, quite subtle but looks better. Foot well lighting, adding usb/bt aftermarket if you haven't already got it. Break open the secret compartment. Check out this thread by Ben... He's done a lot of interior mods and has guides.
  13. Cree are one of the market leaders in the LED market. If you want to save yourself some money, or perhaps browse more styles check out: http://www.dealextre...light-bulbs-712 check out reviews, many have pictures/videos of the products fitted to their cars. Not sure what fitment you need, never looked into it. Also make sure you get red LED's, as white LED's will look bright pink through a red lens.