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  1. many thanks for the info. So, what do you think the bottle neck is at the oil cooler end, is it not letting the coolant through ? I am thinking there must be a reason for letting the coolant pass through there i.e. cool the oil. Am thnking that maybe it needs a flush or something ?
  2. wow. So how do you bypass the oil cooler ? any instructions would be much appreciated.
  3. I have the exact same car I think, W reg, 18TD, is urs the same ? Having the same problem, new coolant, thermostat, heater control valve, heater output poor. Just seems like car isnt getting hot. Would be interesting to know if the bypass indicates the oil cooler problem. How r u getting on ?
  4. Fiesta's are great arent they?? Bought a new heater valve on ebay, and spent 2 weeks investigating everything, until I found out that the new heater control valve was faulty. Yours sounds like a heater control valve also. Easiest way to check if the voltage is correct is do the following:- Bonnet up 2 wires to a 12v bulb / bulb holder (DIY, use tape, holder, whatever, its just for a test) remove plug from HCV and stick 1 wires in each of the terminals of the HCV. Be careful not to short it. Place the bulb near wiper arm so U can see it from within the car. Use electrical tape to secure if necessary. Sit in car, start engine (engine must be started) operate heater control knob. Cold - 14volts - light bulb should be at full - valve closed if connected to terminals - i.e. no hot water running to heater matrix, no heat Mid - pulsating from 14volts - 7 volts - light dimming and becoming bright - valve opening and closing if connected - i.e. luke warm heater temp (what a crude design!!!) Hot - 0volts - no light - valve open if connected to terminals - i.e. hot water running into heater matrix, full heat With your radio problem sounds like an aerial problem. Strange that it would stop working all of a sudden. have u checked the aerial plug and the aerial itself ? Dont worry, these are small problems. If you do change the heater control valve, make sure you top up and remove all airlocks, otherwise the water will not run into heater matrix. best to wear gloves to do this job as you will cut your hands. £39 for hcv at ford, mostly always in stock, great money making scheme for them. Let me know if you need more info.
  5. yeah thanks, how much do you want for it ?
  6. Hi guys, I have a ford fiesta mk5. Firstly, are the mk4 and mk 5 interiors identical ? I am asking because I need an ashtray and exterior mirror ? I am also aware that there is like a storage template for your jack and tools on the right hand side behind the carpet in the boot. Anyone got any photos or instructions on how to store tools there please as I am struggling a bit ? many thanks for your help.
  7. anyone ? :)
  8. hi guys, nice forum. I have just become an owner of a W reg ford fiesta 1.8TD (I believe this is a MK5). Got the car cheap and although it drives well, there are quite a few tidy up jobs required on this vehicle. I have loads of questions but wont post all here at the mo :) 1. My first question is on the owners manual, the car didnt come with one, is there a place where this can be downloaded from ? I am asking because I have the jack, wheel brace, scredriver, etc, etc lying around in the boot and wanted to know where they should be fitted to avoid the clunk clunk when going over bumps, etc 2. The cam cover may be leaking a little bit, but more worryingly there are 2 bolts missing from it. So looks like some type of job has been done and the bolts havent been replaced properly. Hence, I was thinking of getting a new cam cover gasket and the bolts, anyone ever done a job like this before ? many thanks.