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  1. Washing car with water fed brush.

    I do the same. The older you get the more transient and less important cars become. You get a different one every few years and at the end of the day you have to drive it which invariably causes small damage no matter how careful you are. When I was a young man I spent hours washing and polishing. Not any more.  Lets face it - it will most likely end up in the scrap yard in a decade or so anyway. life is too short! :-)  
  2. Annoying Issue With Rear Brake Lights

    The combined tail / brake lights bulbs have 3 metal prongs that stick out on the side of the bulb earth. It is possible to put the bulb in incorrectly which can cause all sorts of strange things to happen. I would first remove the bulb and then carefully check which way around it goes in. One of the prongs is higher than the others which should match the socket.
  3. Gap Insurance

    I got mine through the dealer but negotiated the price down to £165.00 which I didn't think was too bad for 3 years.
  4. Sounds like some kind of breather pipe?
  5. Where Do You Put Yours? (Dashcams! ;) )

    Mine is sited to the left and below the rear view mirror. Top of camera is in line with bottom of mirror. My car has auto lights, wipers and active city stop so there is a large black box behind the mirror to house all the sensors. Camera does not obscure vision and is within the wiper sweep. For info camera is a Nextbase 402g hard wired into the fuse box with a piggy back on the rear wiper circuit using a flying 12 v socket, all hidden behind the glove box..
  6. Climate You Use It?

    I love my heated seats in really cold weather too. Full leather tends to get really cold so the heated seat goes on straight away on full heat. After a couple of miles I switch it off once the car is up to temperature.
  7. Climate You Use It?

    I use mine all the time. In summer 18 deg with AC on, in winter 22 deg with AC off. Works a treat.
  8. Damsel In Distress - Ecoboost Reality

    To Be fair re the pipe cracking issue. Every occurrence I can find on-line after a (very) quick look relates to the Focus version of the engine which has a different header tank layout and shorter pipes. There is no recall on the Fiesta - I have checked mine on ETIS.
  9. Automatic Temperature Control Fan Problem

    Just a thought - Is the Max button LED illuminated?
  10. I was given a 1.0 N/A 80 PS version as a loan car some time back and was reasonable impressed with it. Certainly fely nippier than a 1.25 Duratec Mk 6.
  11. Fiesta 1.25 Style +

    Sounds quite normal for a 16 valve engine. They need to be revved a bit to get the best out of them (I had the 1.4 previously which was much the same)
  12. Ecoboost Engine Parts What Are These?

    High pressure fuel pump and turbo dump valve.
  13. Eco Button And Ambient Light

    I stand corrected! :) Interesting addition.....
  14. Eco Button And Ambient Light

    They may have changed the name of the button but its the only button on the Titanium in that position.
  15. Eco Button And Ambient Light

    It is the button to turn off the start / stop system. I use it in heavy traffic etc. The start / stop system reactivates every time you start the car so you have to turn it off each time if required.