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  1. Coil pack?
  2. No - ignore it completely. I still average around 48 MPG in a Titanium 125 PS.
  3. The new Fiesta price list can be found on this page Dismiss the 'request test drive' using top right cross then click 'Price Lists' and select 'All New Fiesta'
  4. Looking at the published price list I think I will go for the ST Line X 3 door 140 with spare wheel, camera and reverse sensors, Red body / Black roof + matching ST Line X red pack interior, Comfort pack, Driver assistance pack. I would never consider a car without a spare so the B&O is out, as is the roof.
  5. I see the Mk 8 details and config. are going live
  6. I take a size 12 and don't find the pedals too much of a problem. Guess I have driven far worse cars over the years :-)
  7. There is no alarm armed light on later models. The flashing red light on older models has been deleted and the start / stop engine indicator (where fitted) is in its place.
  8. They do. The switchgear is redesigned. You simply push the down button with the selector switch in the middle (neutral position)
  9. Correct size for Mk 7.5 is 16" passenger. The design was modified slightly (basically a bent arm) to allow a bigger sweep of the passenger side of windscreen.
  10. I would start with the bulbs. Change one and see if it works.
  11. I was informed by my (trusted) main dealer that Extended warranty is only valid if a private seller buys the car directly from you. If you trade it back in it becomes void.
  12. Yes It was. In the pay and display spaces on the Old Steine outside the Royal Albion hotel, which is basically opposite the pier. On a Saturday afternoon in full view to anyone passing. I was on foot with a friend and we walked right past it.
  13. No reverse camera on any ST.
  14. Spotted a very interesting 16 plate Fiesta test car parked in Brighton at the weekend. The car does not show on ETIS (reg or VIN) and was registered in Essex (Ford Dunton?) It is jammed packed full of electronics, computers and sensors, even an anemometer on the roof. Also has quick fuel drain facility etc. I suspect it is a test rig for some of the electronics that will go into production on the Mk 8. Note also the instrument cluster, front bumper/grill etc. Even had a large red emergency stop button on the dash. Quite surprised to see it parked in full view near the sea front.
  15. I believe its browser related. I don't get reg lookup using Firefox (only VIN) but I do if I use IE.