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  1. It says in the Haynes manual you must open the bleed nipple to release brake fluid from the caliper when rewinding rear disk piston (to fit new pads) becasue the master cylinder seals may invert! Surely brake fluid is always on the move up and down the piping, and what happens if you get a distorted disk. Is the a case of too much care! (as in don't use toaster in the bath). If the pistons are returned slowly to thier fully retracted position, is this incident likely to occur. Feedback appreciated. Tinhat
  2. Fuse - Cigarette Lighter

    Had the same problem ( Mondeo TDCi Gia X) Silly place to put a fuse box, also no spare slots for fuses. My 'blow was caused by unplugging a 12v to USB adaptor that was powering an IPaq Navigator phone. Anyway now carry a few spares.