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  1. Petrol Tank

    Hi all can anybody tell me if a Fusion 3 has any sort of anti syphon thing fitted, I have a car with a scrap engine ( cam belt broke ) but minutes before it went bang I filled up with petrol, now before I dispose of the car I would like to empty the tank and am considering sticking a length of hose down the filler neck and sucking hard but if there is an easier way can you let me know Regards Dave
  2. Fusion Clutch Problem

    Hi all can anybody help out on this one, I have a Fusion 3 1.6 53 plate and the clutch pedal just dont feel right. I am not to clued up with this particular car, does it have a Clutch cable with what I know as a ratchet and pawl cos this is a system that I understand but the pedal feels like a cable may break. Can somebody confirm this please thanks Dave