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  1. Nice, thanks for the info, the places i've found are selling them £165 for one side unpainted!
  2. Where did you buy these? I'm only seeing £165 for just one side!
  3. Thanks, was yours £165 for both sides? I agree it looks much better than the plastic!
  4. How easy was it to install them? How do you do it?
  5. It should happen every 200-300 miles so if you miss one it shouldn't be a problem, just don't worry about it.
  6. Has your car had an ECU update? I know there is one, and I am thinking it could also be down to this.
  7. Hi, I am having an issue where the power output changes every once in a while and was wondering if anyone else was getting the same on this engine? The car starts getting very responsive etc but then it slowly goes then comes back weeks later, like it's relearning something. It's not a drastic change but very noticeable and annoying. Is it emissions related? Can anyone shed some light on this? Does anyone else with this engine (or the 1.6TDCi) have this? Thanks, suddste
  8. Hi, Yes mine does this. I don't quite understand it! I'm running F4 I believe but I can check.
  9. How do you fit the aluminium pedal covers? I'm looking to do this myself!
  10. Does anyone know how this is done though!
  11. Hi, I had two tyres changed last week and the garage managed to damage the tyre pressure monitoring sensor on one of the wheels. They have ordered a new one but I need to know how to program the new sensor to the car. How do you do this? I've heard it's as simple as installing it and the car will retrain to the new sensor but I'm not sure. Thanks, suddste
  12. I have a 1.5TDCi and while it does do the bogging down thing occasionally, it's been really nice otherwise. The rev's jumping doesn't seem normal; mine doesn't do it. I would suggest doing a ECU reset by disconnecting the battery for 30 mins then re-connecting and going for a drive.
  13. Hi, I have the same navigation and dont have this issue, try disconnecting the battery so everything is dead and reconnect after 10 minutes. But I assume that the garage may have already done this.
  14. Hi, Are the mk3.5 sideskirts easy to take off and fit new ones? I would like to put Zetec S ones on if it's easy to do. I'm assuming that the mk3 is the same so if anyone has experience of that would be useful too. Thanks, suddste
  15. Roper, How did you get that S badge on the front grill? Is there a special mount for it?