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  1. If it isnt remapped and you dont want to remap then update the software, there was nothing wrong with that part of it on mine, it was just when the remap was added.
  2. No they told me that ford changed some of the maximum torque figures which the map doesn't agree with. They sent an updated map but didn't fix any issues. In fact iantt or anyone you may be able to help. I had the car go I to limp mode because of this and it was at quite a high speed, it felt like the engine locked up and it made quite a big bang. I got the smell of burnt clurch even though my foot wasn't on the pedal. Is it possible the engine locked up and that's why the clutch smelt? It was a bit worrying...
  3. I don't recommend updates especially if you have a remap. I had mine updated last week and it messed the remap up so much so i have taken the map off the car. I now have a £400 remap I can't use. The ford dealer won't go back.
  4. I have the original strategy number: F1F1-14C204-JF How would I go about telling them it could be done?
  5. superchips, I had taken the map off before the update, then put it back on and the problems started, so was looking to go back to the old one
  6. Hello, Ford updated the PCM to the latest calibration on my car, this does not work well with the remap. I was wondering before I ask Ford, if the PCM update can be put back to the original? I was told it could not be. Thanks, suddste
  7. Yeah mines been done now too.
  8. many thanks for that
  9. Would you able to post that list?
  10. I thought they do it as if it was a timing belt change, looks like I was wrong
  11. I have same car and similar mileage, I don't get that at all if that helps?
  12. That's exactly why I paid for access and I couldn't find anything. Will have a look again later tonight. Iantt - do you work for Ford then?
  13. Ford eTIS. I looked at the timing belt instructions which I would guess they will use as the belt would probably need to come off
  14. Lol. In Fords own manuals it says to install a new component, dont know how they would get out of it
  15. What do you mean