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  1. Hi NTech, So do I, roll on Friday! The problem being that I know I put petrol in, but knowing when it is actually getting low is hard! I will let you know, it's booked in for 1pm so hopefully by mid-afternoon I should have the this space! Jayne
  2. Hi NTech, No to both your questions I'm afraid! It's a Motability car, so I've got it booked in at the garage next week. It's permanently on 0 to empty now and I just ignore it because I know I've put more than enough petrol in to cover my journeys I just don't know when it's getting low! Oh well hopefully the garage will get to the bottom of this space"
  3. Hi NTech, Thanks for your reply. I noticed the "hiss" yesterday for the first time in weeks funnily enough! It's a petrol engine. It still doesn't answer why I go through 79 miles without moving off the street though...I wonder if its a computer problem? Think I'll take it into the garage, but I just thought I'd see if anyone else has had a problem first. Jayne
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a 2009 Fusion, which has a very temperamental petrol gauge! I will fill up with fuel and it will read 96 miles to empty, I will drive home (3 miles from the garage) park up, my street is level, and the next time I use it, it will have gone down by at least ten miles! Classic example is Friday. I topped up and it said 76 miles to empty, I used it Saturday and it said 59 (I only went 2 miles!) Used it again yesterday and went on a 10 mile round trip, when I got home it said 59 miles to empty. Got in it this morning and it said `15 miles to empty!!! This afternoon I have driven 6 miles on 0 miles to empty! So, something is seriously wrong somewhere. Has anyone else had the same problem?