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  1. Problem With Petrol Gauge

    Hi NTech, So do I, roll on Friday! The problem being that I know I put petrol in, but knowing when it is actually getting low is hard! I will let you know, it's booked in for 1pm so hopefully by mid-afternoon I should have the anser...watch this space! Jayne
  2. Problem With Petrol Gauge

    Hi NTech, No to both your questions I'm afraid! It's a Motability car, so I've got it booked in at the garage next week. It's permanently on 0 to empty now and I just ignore it because I know I've put more than enough petrol in to cover my journeys I just don't know when it's getting low! Oh well hopefully the garage will get to the bottom of it...watch this space"
  3. Problem With Petrol Gauge

    Hi NTech, Thanks for your reply. I noticed the "hiss" yesterday for the first time in weeks funnily enough! It's a petrol engine. It still doesn't answer why I go through 79 miles without moving off the street though...I wonder if its a computer problem? Think I'll take it into the garage, but I just thought I'd see if anyone else has had a problem first. Jayne
  4. Problem With Petrol Gauge

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2009 Fusion, which has a very temperamental petrol gauge! I will fill up with fuel and it will read 96 miles to empty, I will drive home (3 miles from the garage) park up, my street is level, and the next time I use it, it will have gone down by at least ten miles! Classic example is Friday. I topped up and it said 76 miles to empty, I used it Saturday and it said 59 (I only went 2 miles!) Used it again yesterday and went on a 10 mile round trip, when I got home it said 59 miles to empty. Got in it this morning and it said `15 miles to empty!!! This afternoon I have driven 6 miles on 0 miles to empty! So, something is seriously wrong somewhere. Has anyone else had the same problem?