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  1. good choice and love the color
  2. i wish every fiesta came with that lady :)
  3. The little orange led on the lock button does light when you lock the doors and hazard will flash when its pressed. They will not illuminate at night
  4. good shots with your canon!
  5. good shots! Thanks for sharing IMO sedan back looks bad :/
  6. Great job with the wheels. Looks really good
  7. I had only time for this. Its not easy with such a small picture resolution
  8. I cant remember a day without seeing fiesta on the street.
  9. If you could give me an example I can help with your search criteria. There are some tricks to bring more/less results and using 2/3 letter words.
  10. capless fuel tank is a cool idea but only in perfect world which we are not in.
  11. I dont think its a good idea as its too much clicking. If i want to find something i use search. Thats my opinion. cheers
  12. unusual smell could also mean it might get too hot :)
  13. Awesome choice!!! 10 weeks of sleepless nights? :)
  14. yup, welcome granny to the club :) I have got 1.4 and I used to have 1.8 vauxhall. Mk7 1.4 is much slower but not as much as comparing to 1.6 ad probably a little bit quicker. I only had once a drive test in 1.6 and i do remember it was better driving than my ex car 1.8