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  1. Problem solved. Apparently the new valve they fitted was faulty!
  2. The engine is a 20066 so the garage should have the right scanner, they are also a ford main dealer so i would be suprised if it wasnt. They have told me that there are no fault codes registered.
  3. Just joined the club as I am having more trouble with my 2006 Smax 2.0 TDCI and was after some advice as I am not technically minded. Having been through the problems with the brakes and alarm all was well until the engine light came on a few weeks ago. Diagnostic test at the garange said it needed a new ERG(filter and solenoid?) which was fitted and I was told the problem was solved. However, first time I took the car out after about twenty miles the car started jumping as if it was running out of fuel and then suffered from a loss of power. The engine malfunction light came on and whilst i got the car home i was restricted to 2500 rpm. When i turned the car off and on again the malfunction sign had gone and all seemed well until I hit 2500rpm when the sign reappeared adn power was lost. I have taken the car back to the garage nad they say its nothing to do with the ERG issue and diagnostic doesn't show a problem. They also say they have never seen or heard of this issue before. I have read online that 2.00 tdci have seen these sort of problems before but cant find anything on an SMax. Has anyone else had a similar problem or know whether a ford techncial service bulletin has been issued as the garage are saying it could take hours to find the issue and they want to charge £85 an hour. Any help wuld be appreciated. Thanks