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  1. Hi, Happy owner of an econetic fiesta here. I brough mine nearly new, and it the original owner had been busy ticking the options boxes, it has front and rear parking sensors, bluetooth, usb curatain airbags, heated screen and centre armrest. It has everything I want, except cruise control. I have had it retro fitted to my old VW and it was just a case of a new indicator stalk and some programming, I know the fiesta will require a new steering wheel, but hopefully re-use the airbag. Does anyone know if its possible using ford parts, and if so how much? Or is it possible with some sort of aftermarket kit?
  2. Woo-Hoo!!! I've been useful!
  3. Sometimes electric windows do this if they loose the limit stops for some reason. Try pressing and holding the switch down and keep holding it down for 5 seconds after the window is fully open, then pull and hold the switch all the way up and hold it there fo r 5 seconds after the windo is closed. Repat that again and it should re-learn where the limits of its travel are adn the one shot option should work again. Hope that works and is of some help.
  4. It plays the standard ring? When mine rings the car audio is silent and I hear the phonews own ringtone.
  5. Hi, I picked up my Fiesta yesterday, Very pleased with it. I paired up my phone, a Nokia E71 and when someone calls me the radio goes silent and the phone rings. However, When I paired up my other phone when someone calls that I can hear the phones ringtone through the speakers. Is there any way to get the e71 to play the ringtone through the speakers? Most of the supplied ringtones are in AAC format, but I have tried some that are in MP3 and they dont work either. Ta
  6. Hi, Does anyone know i there are any side rubbing / bump protection strips available for the mk7 fiesta? I know they probably wont improve the looks of the car, but I would rater have them than let the carpark doorswingers loose on it. I always park inan empty area of the carpark, but when I get back its a cert that someone has parked too close to me.
  7. I asked the same thing on the Fiesta forum. Not sure if its the same as yours but in the absence of anything else it might be worth a try.
  8. Cheers for that! On the test drive I was trying to get the ford bluetooth to look for my phone.
  9. Hi, Im picking up a near new econetic on Friday, I have just found out that straight after picing it up I have a motorway run of about 2 hours... should be nice to test the economy! However, I wont have chance to read the manual (and being a bloke I probably never will) so I wont have chance to set up the bluetooth connection before I set out. So, if any of you know of any quick guides, youtube vids or if I can download the manual from somewhere I would be greatful, or if any of you can do a quick flowchart for me I will buy you a cyber pint of your choice! Many thanks, Paul.