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  1. Rear Seat Stuck

    I have the same problem and i have a temporary fix as only the ford garage can get the parts to fix it. if you take out the loose bit on the handle it just clips in on either side of the outer plastic rim, then once that is out it is just a case of pulling the little handle inside up. this is just a temporary fix though. the cause of this problem is when the seat is down and the red bit is showing if you push it back so the red bit doesn't show while the seat is still down then this snaps the hook in the plastic bit that you take out to get inside it. hope this helps and if you find out where anybody might sell the parts to fix it please could you pm me.
  2. Front wipers banging at the top

    I cannot provide a photo because I have no camera but it is the metal lip this is just below the blade. Ford fitted the wipers and they weren’t banging for a couple of months and no one has touched them since, but if you could tell me how to do it id appreciate it as well.
  3. When I put my front wipers on when they reach the standing straight up position they bang after a couple of months of trying to figure out what it is I can see that the metal bit that sticks out of the blade hits the windscreen. I took it into the ford garage and they told me that cheap wipers don’t fit properly on my car so they fitted new ones, which cost me. They worked for a few months but the problem has just come back again. I'm now completely stuck as to why it does this and would appreciate any help on fixing this. I have a 54 reg fiesta LX model Thanks in advance