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  1. Tie rod replacement

    Mk IV Fiesta . I have wear on the inner ball joint and need to remove the tie rod. Has anyone removed one without using the special tool?
  2. Change Head Gasket.

    Mk V Fiesta with only 50,000 miles and very tidy except- I have a 1.4 16v engine which is blowing out coolant so will need to change head gasket. Anybody done it? Is there a handy guide online or will I have to buy a Haynes manual?
  3. It was the wheel bearings BUT it was the rear RHS bearings that had gone. About £14 0n ebay.
  4. Just back from a 5000 mile run around Europe in the Escort. On the last couple of days I started to hear a continuous whine/hum when rolling. When the steering turns to the right the hum disappears then comes back on normal running or left turning. I suspected the wheel bearings but I jacked it up and both (front) wheels rotate smoothly and no play. The driveshaft gaiters do not seem to be leaking. Any ideas?
  5. Running temperature

    I remember seeing those trucks in Turkey with jackets around their radiators with a little flap to undo for warmer weather. Hopefully we won't be getting minus 40 degrees here in UK this winter. I think a change of thermostat before winter might be in order. Thanks guys.
  6. Running temperature

    I have noticed that my car warms up normally to about one third of the way into Normal but then will drop back to just within Normal. This is summer so I am thinking that it may run too cool. Any ideas?
  7. Squeaking engine

    It looks like it was the belt. I took it off and there was no squeak so turned it around and it's OK. Thanks for the ideas.
  8. Squeaking engine

    Is that the lift pump? I hope you don't mean the injector pump. The thing is that I am off to south Italy next week and want to get the vehicle sorted. I have a low mileage Fiesta for scrapping with a good non turbo engine. Does anyone know if there is much difference from the turbo? I wll probably pull offf all the bits to take as spares.
  9. Squeaking engine

    I have this steady squeaking coming from the engine compartment. It is regular so must relate to engine rotation. I suspect tensioner pulley but with this weather I haven't had a chance to look, remove belt etc. Water pump maybe. Anybody had similar experience. Engine is Endura diesel turbo.