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  1. Sadly no, they didn't even respond to my request, so I sent them another request in German (thanks to Google translation service) and got a straight refusal. It appears they now send the update direct to Ford and suggested I pay for the privilage. I spoke to my local Ford dealer and was quoted £98. To be fair to him he said "if it isn't broke don't mend it" and proceeded to frighten the life out of me with some horror stories about satnav's. I am going to take his advice but can I thank you for taking the time once again to respond. Mera.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've just updated my Satnav. with 2008 maps this included software update 5.0, however I now understand a further update is now available 5.1. Anyone know of a safe site where this update is available for download. I'm ok with how to do it, just don't know where to get it from - so to speak! Thanks Mera
  3. That's fantastic, once again thanks for the response. Mera
  4. Many thanks for the response, I spoke to my Ford dealer today, he confirms it is a Blaupunkt but was not sure how to proceed with the free upgrade?. Is it just a case of contcating them.? Mera
  5. Hi Everyone, First ever posting, first ever ford. I recently bought a 2007 Mondeo Ghia with a factory fitted sat.nav. I phoned my local dealer to enquire about updating the maps etc. and was informed it would cost circa. £280. I cannot believe the cost for what I would imagine is inserting a CD. Is there any other way of carrying out this task at a more realistic price. Any ideas appreciated. Mera.