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  1. I seen a black focus which had black alloys with the green callipers and i thought it looked good, but for me red wins
  2. 1. Gazjs - Kirkcaldy (Fife) 2. Dave2912 - Rosyth (Fife) 3. Zippy - Livingston (West Lothian) 4. artscot79-cowdenbeath-(fife) 5. McBean09 - Inverness 6. Bashful - Edinburgh 7. fiesta _zetec-x - Hamilton (Lanarkshire) 8. Danzzza - Berwick upon tweed (Like ON the border) (Technically on english side of border, scottish postcode though :S) 9.C-Max Boy1983 - Edinburgh 10. Iael18 - Balloch (west Dunbartonshire) 11. davedon067 - Dundee (Tayside) 12. DutchasFRP - South Ayrshire 13. DAS - Thurso 14. fords r us - falkirk 15. Raizak - North Ayrshire 16. John21 - ABERDEEN!!! 17. RichardICE - Inverness 18. UK345- Glasgow 19. Nicola88- Aberdeen 20. Ben - Prestwick (South Ayrshire) 21. michael25 - Rutherglen (Lanarkshire)
  3. Just looking for some advice on how to uprgrade speakers in a fiesta style, and or add in rear ones. And is there wiring for the rear speakers already in there Cheers Michael
  4. That looks awesome. Good job :D
  5. Might be a stupid question but does anyone know if the pumaspeed exhaust upgrade ( http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/showdetails.jsp?productID=791 ) would fit onto a 1.2 fez or any other exhaust anyone knows of for that matter ha ? Cheers Michael
  6. Can anyone help me with the removal of the rear wiper on a mk7 fiesta, got the actual wiper off but have the mechanism bit left and want to remove it ?
  7. Hi, does anyone know what happens to my warranty if i put a body kit on my fiesta, looking to do some changes to it
  8. Thanks mate :)
  9. From the album Mk7 fiesta

  10. From the album Mk7 fiesta

  11. Hi there, was just wonderin if anyone knew where/if i could get the yellow classic mountune decals but in white as i have a blue fiesta and dont want the yellow
  12. Hi there I'm Michael new to all this, got a mk7 fiesta and just fitted a hid kit but the bulbs won't sit right. was just wondering if anyone can help ? Cheers
  13. just new to this, no idea what im doing !

  14. just new to this, no idea what im doing !