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  1. I part exchanged my 06 C Max auto for a Volvo V70 at the end of last year. Looks like I did the right thing as the Ford auto seems to be a time bomb waiting to go off! Still got my Fiesta though so still a member of this forum. Al
  2. Hi All We have a C max 2.0 Petrol auto on an 06 plate and it has done 32000 miles. My wife had a problem today in that the car would only go at about 27 mph and was juddering. There were 2 warning lights on. One was the low fuel warning saying 48 miles to go and the other was a red light which I cannot find in the handbook. It is located next to the speedo at about the 0-5 mph area. Any ideas what the problem could be? It seemed to be ok after she stopped, turned off the engine and restarted. Cheers Alan