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  1. Alternator Belt Prob Or Pulley

    the belt is only 3 weeks old as i said its been modified as it has aircon pully ive never heard of talcom powder doing that whats the best thing to clean pulleys with thanks
  2. hi all i have a problem with the alternator belt ,which i replaced 3 weeks ago ,the belt goes round 3 pulleys as van used to be a fridge van so alternator belt goes on air con pulley 4pk223 thats whats on there now as alernator has no self adjuster but the !Removed! belt keeps making a noise when i spray wd40 it goes for a while then comes back could the aircon p[ulley make a noise idont need it anyway but the belt has to go round it can pulleys make a noise? please any suggestions would be helpful thanks
  3. Newbie

    :)hi all new to the site im from kent and drive a escort van 1.8d white 1997