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  1. Hi Guys, found this site through Google while searching for some info with regards to a problem I'm having with my Focus. Hope you might be able to help with some suggestions. Yesterday afternoon when out driving the car just stopped. I then turned the starter for a bit and eventually it picked up with a splutter. A bit later on in the evening it stopped again and wouldn't start. I got the car towed home and had a look at it today - 1. there's no DTC codes in the ecu - everything looks as normal with that. 2. I disconnected the fuel feed into the engine and there seemed to be no pressure - even turning the ignition on didn't feed any fuel which makes me think it might be a fuel supply issue. 3. I've checked fuse 51 (the 15A fuel pump fuse) and that's fine. 4. The relay also appears to look fine. On any other car I'd check the fuel filter next, but from what I can make out there is No fuel filter - no mention of it in the Haynes Manual and when I search on the Web everything seems to say that it's part of the pump. The next stage I guess would be to take the tank off the car to get to the pump. I've not done that as yet because the tank is almost full and I can't think of a way to empty it! Does anyone know if there's any way of checking the pump without dropping the tank? I'll do it if necessary, but would like to avoid it if possible. The Haynes wiring diagrams are next to useless for this car - it only seems to deal with the very basics. Just to confirm - the Focus is a Mk2 1.6 Petrol Auto. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Paul