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  1. Car Values

    I have seen, in this forum, people asking for valuation.One answer mentions "We buy anys" Prices as ludicrous. My Experience: I had a Volvo 850 a few months back, 150000 mls In beautiful cond, looked more like 2 years old than 16, drove like a dream. We buy any, offered £90.00 and wanted any residual left over on the tax. This meant, as I had over a hundred nicker left on it, I would have been getting minus £10 or so. I sold the car for £450.00 and let the guy take the disc. He was delighted with the deal. I saw him recently and he says it was the best deal he has ever made. So beware. They are there to make money and they dont want to piddle about at the low end. They are hoping people are lazy or desperate.
  2. Seats And Radio Reception.

    :) Thanks for input I will try to clean up thread although it looks ok. If doesnt work, I suppose I'll buy a new ariel wand.
  3. A little while ago, on the morning we were going on holiday. I washed the car and vacuumed it. When I came to readjust the seat it wouldnt lock in place; I couldnt fix it and I couldnt drive it a few yards never mind the couple of hundred I was supposed to be doing. After an hour or two of fiddling I removed the seat; there was a one pence piece jammed in there which stopped the teeth locking into the holes,sorted. Lesson: Dont put anything small in your L hand pocket. I have a 6 cd changer +radio.Ford 6000d EON Yes A Cd did jam, apparently common, removed the unit and released the cd, OK now. I have only had the car Four months (mondeo zetec S V6 2002 53000Mls) The FM reception is very poor. When I first switch on, I can usually get some National stations but all of a sudden they will virtually cut out, I can just hear them with the volume turned right up but they are distorted and faint. Local channels are better but the still distort and cut out now and again. AM channels are fine. It would not appear to be an area of poor reception as no other car radio that I have had has exhibited the same problems. Could it be an ariel problem? It is a wand, easily removable and the thread is clean. Any ideas?
  4. Noobie

    Hi Everyone: Just to say hello. Have had many fords since mid 1960s; Cortinas,ist Escorts, Granadas, my favourite my fave was a "Sweeny" GHIA 3.0 1973. Comfort and in those days real street cred. A 2.8 capri. Then sensible cars for years, A lot of them company cars.Last few years I have had Volvos,Very sensible cars. A740, A960 and then an 850 2.5, quite a revelation for a volvo. Due to volvo having massive mileage, although stil going well,I got, four months ago, A Mondeo Zetec V6, 53000miles Midnight Blue colour,alloys to die for,182 225 40. I Love it. Even the wife lets me wind it up a bit. Well back with Ford Regards to all