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  1. Hey, I own a KA sport. My personal opinion I'd start on lowering the suspension as a foundation point, any car looks stupid on stilts especially when there's new wheels on it. 16's look sweet on a KA and you wont lose the handling or have to worry about scuffing, you can fit 17's but your choice which size. There are some really nice team dynamic wheels in halfords (and i do love the pic with the black wheels) and ebay's a good option to use. have a look on there's all sorts on there that might help you out. A light tint is always good, on my old car i went for 45% on the front and i think it was 40% on the back cost me £175. Ask any to help :P x
  2. My sport ka does around 70miles to a tenner (but thats getting it on the red light) not quite sure what it does on a full tank but my tank normally holds about £40. and when the red light does come on i can normally squeeze up to an extra 20-30 miles x
  3. I was thinking about that, especially when i had my old ka millenium but in your view would it be worth the money to go from a 1.6 to 1.7? And would it show a big improvement? thanks again x
  4. Hi, I own a sport ka and was thinking about putting a bigger engine in it. Does anyone know what the best engine would be? Or another alternitive to give it more power? Thanks, Jenn x
  5. Hey, this is Jenn. Im 21 from leicester and have owned a sport ka for 1 yr. Its a great little car on country roads, great handling. I love driving it when i've got the petrol but have noticed it drinks a lot of fuel. I was thinking about joining the ka owners club. Does anyone know if its worth joining? xXx