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  1. I got a service booked aswell now. £149 full
  2. Lmao to be honest its because of the body kit it looks better. seen a few without and they just don't look right
  3. I have the hot magneta and love it
  4. TThing is all other lights are working. what's the best way to find out
  5. Hey all. I am having issues with both passenger side dipped beam and brake lights not working. The brake light is intact and filaments is still one. Fuse wise the dipped beam are ok but is there any other fuse that could be gone and also is there a fuse for the break lights? Neoki
  6. Its a rubbish Camera phone lol
  7. Thanks
  8. Phone died at this point so missed out the polish and wax part but here is the finished product Close up of wing mirror
  9. Ok so got the pictures. These are some of the products I use. Now I started with the citrus snow foam Rinse off Now on to the PH netural Snow Foam (I tried more solution in the bottle of the lance) Let it Drip off Bit dirty Another Rinse off Two bucket method
  10. Gave her a clean will upload photos soon, including the monster that is snow foam.
  11. The whole thing :P I know i need to get an adapater but its which one and how to actually install in to the MK7. Thanks for your reply :D
  12. Any one help me?
  13. I now know that I need a pc000069aa A lot of choices on which one to get though. Can some one help me out as this will be going into the "secret" storage.
  14. Hello, I realised I have a CK3100 that has not been opened. Can some one help me with the install of this as I have no idea :D
  15. That would be great