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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  2. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  3. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  4. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  5. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  6. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  7. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

    sorry guys i posted the same pic twice laptop messed up a bit then
  8. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  9. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  10. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

  11. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

    Pics All the pics i have so far this is a i need to restore bumpers and stuff which i will do this weekend if i get time im hoping to have it finished in the next 6 months thanks for looking guys cheers Matt
  12. Ford Fiesta Mk2 1984 1.0

    Hello all I have just recently bought a mk2 1984 fiesta it wouldnt start and the kids that had it were in the process of destroying this car so i have rescued it and gave it a nice warm home to come to lol there is only 18,000 odd miles ont he clock its only ever had 1 owner (well im the 2nd now lol) and its in mint condition floor is still intact no body rust im well pleased with it Im going to restore it back to it orginal condition and make it all standard it hasnt really been messed with but when i bought it the thing wopuld not start anyways after setting the timing on the dizzy making sure firing order was right and timing the the rotor arm properly (and with help from my very good neighbour antony) she started JOBS TO BE DONE =============== BATTERY NEEDS NEW ONE BATTERY CLAMP (WHERE ON EARTH CAN I FIND ONE OF THESE) DOOR WINDOW SEALS (BOTH SIDES AGAIN STRUGGLING TO FIND A SET) BUMPERS FRONT AND BACK BEING SPRAYED BACK TO BLACK 2 NEW HEADLIGHTS EXHAUST SYSTEM COMPLETE REAR TAILGATE BADGE BONNET SPRAYING 1 WHEEL BOLT ONLY HAVE 3 IN THE ONE WHEEL JOBS THAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR ============================ GOT THE CAR RUNNING FITTED A INLINE FUEL FILTER CLEANED CARB OUT CLEANED INLET MANIFOLD OUT PUT SOME LEAD REPLACEMENT FUEL IN This car is my first ever project and i want to succeed in making it 100% orginal again come to some meets with u guys then and shows and stuff which reminds me i have a set of pepper pot alloys with tyres but the tyre need defo replacing if anyone wants to swap for any of the items above please message me as i would be greatful to see them go theres a set of 5 only the kids who had them before me sprayed the one back (i havent a clue why) anyways i will add pictures later as im at work and cant get onto photobucket but keeps on the look out and give me your comments of what you think fo the car overall any opinoins much appreciated. Cheers Matt
  13. Ford Visual Health Check Sheet

    I could possibly send u a renault one but not till im back at work matey be at least till end of april Cheers Matt
  14. Ford Focus Trip Computer

    Hello all Does anyone know can you get the 2.0 ghia and rs and st versions trip computer to work with the standard focus is the loom alreadyt here beheind the dashboard as it seems a bit of a long way round to just take the dash out and it not be there I have a Ford Focus Zetec 1600 -se 2002 plate the first version mk1 not the facelifted one any ideas guys Cheers Matt
  15. Erratic idiling when umder electrical load

    Stef did u ever sort ur problem dude