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  1. all be havin that lol haha
  2. oops just seen the srpings were away lol well 25 for induction kit ?
  3. all give u 25 for induction kit posted m8 or a 20gb xbox 360 with cables posted for springs and induction kit ?
  4. 17 years old one month old zetec s done 2093 miles and only getting 222 miles to a full tank all the time and my average mpg is 27.2 ? any help hahha
  5. there is a tsb for that if i am correct , the door seal start falling of so the have to be sealed !! i will look into it for you,
  6. hello everyone , been a member for a while as i am waiting on my zs lol , had to wait 10 weeks for ti and now i collect it on wedensday so whats ur reveiws about the smart little cars :D?
  7. just started usin this site got a fiesta the exact same hence the mods haha, was wondering how much the mods are mate :D
  8. Its a common problem with them the brake pads get stuck in the carrier n cause the car to make a grinding noise or even slow the car down a pit !! if that makes sence :P