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  1. Sync The Key With Central Locking/alarm

    just the trick tom, cheers m8
  2. Sync The Key With Central Locking/alarm

    hi tom, will dive in this weekend as long as my fingers dont freeze off, thanks again for the help :)
  3. Sync The Key With Central Locking/alarm

    thanks for the leg work tom, i already have the manual, just need to know where the receiver is so i can see if its faulty, at the moment i walk around the car like a twit, pressing the buttons on the key fob from all directions, i have heard its in behind the rear view mirror but need confirmation before i go ripping things apart, thanks once again for the help tho :)
  4. Sync The Key With Central Locking/alarm

    thanks tommy, tried all the key pressing, but she wont unlock...she did when i first got her but now ive changed the batteries she wont unlock....just lock...any ideas where the cars key fob reciever is???
  5. hi, hope someone can help... batteries in the key fob died for my new (old ) MkI galaxy have read the owners manual about re-linking the remote to the car but it does not seem to work have 'unlocked' from the drivers door 3 times, held in the 'lock' button and pressed the 'unlock' button at the same time for three presses at various intervals but it will still not link with the car... where is the receiver point for the car remote, it used to work a bit before i changed the batteries but now nothing i might have 'un-linked' it with all my key fob pressings but im not sure if the car is actually getting a signal from the fob or not i only have one remote fob and would love to have it work as its a pain in the !Removed! when your hands are full of tools and stuff to have to put all down and do it with the key any advise would be helpful, regards, rob
  6. Hi!

    hello one and all, always said i would never buy a ford....but then i went and bought a galaxy after an 'incident'....see the link, they should be hanged!! but thats only my personal opinion my car, my partners car & my neighbours car!! + the post office need to sort a few niggles out, but a class car :)