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  1. hi there my name is mark,and i drive a 1999 ford mondeo 1.8 td,this is the first mondeo i have owned and i am impressed,i find it totaly comfy to drive with exellent mpg,my only problem with it being is locating the flipping radio code,is there any one out there that could help me,the radio is a 6000cd rds e.o.n the serial No is m055956,all ready i am thinking about a newer model,although it would be a reluctant sale of the one i have now,having studied the prices of second hand mondeos,i wouldnt get much for it,i bought this car blind at an auction for 275 quid,as luck would have it some one had rebuilt the whole top half of the engine,with all brand new parts,it must have cost quite alot of money,it drives like a dream,and i am getting about 50 to the gallon on a run,we recently moved from gloucestershire to south devon,and my car brought down two caravans a trailer fully loaded,with out any problems,she,s just coming up to 170.000 miles,but you wouldt think it by its performance,but i dont know when the engine was rebuilt,i dont think it was that long ago,i am sereously thinking of investing more money on it,as in getting her back to showroom condition,but have not made my mind up yet, thats all for now have to go out see you soon ,mark