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  1. Thanks for the reply it turns out it was the number plate lights and one of them was shorting to the boot metalwork, have cleaned them both sealed the short and replaced the blown bulb.Now works a treat. :D Many thanks D3XT3R
  2. Hi guys, I am having a problem with the electrics on my 99 Focus estate. On Friday the dashboard light and the rear lights stopped working, after Googling the problem, most said it was the light switch, so I changed this but still had the same problem.I put the old switch back in changed the 10 amp fuse but it blew straight away, more than once.But today after checking the loom to the rear lights I unplugged the large Grey connector put a fuse in and all the lights were ok, inc. Fog,reverse,indicators etc........ But soon as I plugged in the large grey one the fuse blew again, I tried this multiple times and each with the same result. So my question is, what is this connector for? as everything seems to work. I have posted a link to photobucket showing a picture of this connector, any help would be much appreciated. :D Link to picture HERE
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    Hi all newbie here hoping for some help but will also help in return if I can