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  1. Hi everyone, I have done a search but not found the answer i am looking for, I get a really annoying knocking from the rear when i drive over some bumps (which sounds like something bouncing about in the boot) checked today and was told there was very slight movement in the off side rear suspension arm link which i am assuming is a rear drop link for the anti roll bar. I am wondering if this an urgent repair that if left can cause damage to other parts of my car or does anybody know if it can wait until i have my MOT in March ?
  2. so there should be no dramas with suspension, transmission etc?
  3. i am driving my mondeo mk2 V6 Ghia X to Poland in two weeks time and am looking for winter tyres at the moment and need help as i do not have a clue about cars. Does anybody know if 205/55/R16 winter tyres will fit onto my current alloys which currently have 205/50/R16s fitted without any problems ?
  4. Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum, apologies if it is. I put my V reg mondeo ghia X auto which has done 79k in for a mock MOT yesterday (I am a little paranoid about my car as my last one died on me doing over a ton on the autobahn in germany and don't understand how they work) and was told it had failed the fast idle emissions on CO levels which were at 0.537% and the second at 0.632% which are both over the 0.300% the lamda results were increased at the second result but it passed the lamda test.I spoke to a Ford garge who said they would diagnose it at an extortionate cost and said becaus of the lamda results my CC is probably gone and I would need a replacement at some £600+! I was adviced from the garage that did the test that if I replaced my air filter (which was replaced on my last service at 74K) my emissions might be lowered enough to pass. I did this but got the wrong one and took it to a seperate garage who cleaned my air filter and tested my fast idle again and the CO result was 0.000% but my lamda result had increased again which was a rise from before?! Does this mean my CC is going or I have a dodgy sensor somewhere which might be playing up as a drop from 0.632 to 0.00 seems steep for just a bit of dirt in a filter and the garage just told me it happens sometimes which has me confused, could I need a new cat?!
  5. Hi, I am a newbie to the Forums (please be gentle), I have recently bought a 2000 Mondeo Ghia X Auto with 78,000 on the clock. Although it came with a FSH i took it to a local garage for a full service as i have bad luck with cars and was told i had a slight leak on the IACV which i got replaced. My question is since owning the car when idling i can always smell what seems to be a strong petrol smell from the exhaust emissions whilst idling and i was wondering if this can be normal? When the car was serviced and the IACV fault discovered they said my emissions were high (when tested failed the 2 out of 3) I assumed that the petrol smell from the exhaust would dissappear once this was repaired?