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  1. Hi All On Wednesday last week my 2005 Fusion 3 went into the garage to have new rear bumper fitted. My car was in there for a couple of days. When I picked it up on Friday all was fine and the next day too. However I tried to drive it last night and when I turned the key to the first point (without starting the engine) all of the warning lights came up on the dashboard and the digital fuel gauge went up and down a couple of times. Some of the lights went out but the engine warning light stayed on. I started the engine and it went but I couldn't rev it and after a few seconds it conked out. This happened a couple of times but eventually it started and the engine responded to the accelerator pedal and all the warning lights went out. I drove it round the block and all was ok. I tried it again this morning and the same problems have happened with all the warning lights and crazy fuel gauge so I phoned the garage and asked them if they would have any reason to have messed around with the computer and they said no they only needed to replace the bumper. I have managed to get it going again today and have driven it to work with no problems (once started) but I am a bit concerned that this could be a major problem. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks