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  1. Yer 15's wud still look good like cos its a small car
  2. Oh i thought ye ment just for scratches an that a full respray wud cost around 1000 most probly id just t-cut it an c how it looks if its really bad get a respray if u can afford it.
  3. Happy Bday mate
  4. Ive posted abit about myself in the introduction section mate an thanks for the welcome :) Im ok thanks
  5. Ive only had my fiesta a couple of weeks an i love it :D i had a 1995 fiat punto before that which i cudnt wait to get rid of!!
  6. The new fast and furious is out next summer and it has the original cast!! :D its a while off like but it looks good, i loved the first 1. The shawshank redemption is a great film if u havnt seen it you must!
  7. Haha it was great wasnt it, i wonder if he'll be as cocky now!?
  8. Football is my favourite sport, I also love UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) If i was too take part in any sport it would be boxin cos im crap at footy! haha although i do like a good kick around, I done boxin for 3 years as a youngster an loved it I only watch the big fights tho really, Im also a red, Liverpool FC is my religion an heart racing games indeed!!
  9. Hey am Frankie am 20 from Liverpool, I drive a 99 fiesta zetec I bought it a few weeks ago, havnt done any mods yet, guna do a few small mods to make it look tha extra bit better but nothing major, ere's a pic..
  10. Hey im new, how is everyone?? :D
  11. 16 inch shoudnt rub if you get the right tyres, the mondeo gti alloys look good on the mk4's check them out.
  12. This is true, if you want a faster car save up an get a zetec-s ;)
  13. It depends on the place really, probly around 300 quid.
  14. They do use more fuel and don't do much if anything for performance they just sound good. If i was you id get a replacement panel filter a k & n one they're soundless but will give you better throttle response and may give you a couple more ponies ;)