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  1. Glow Plug Relay

    Thanks Tom. The relay I was given by dealer is a little black box/plug? Checking the engines box the two do mot seem compatible? Am I missing something?
  2. Glow Plug Relay

    Hi out there, Newbie here Im having trouble starting my 2004 2ltr diesel on cold mornings. I've tested the battery which is fine, and research on various forums has led me to try replacing the glow plug relay(Ford dealer recomendation). Typically, this is not as straight forward as i thought, because I can not find the glow plug relay on the car to replace it! So can any body point me in the right direction to 1: where the glow plug relay is on a CMAX 2004 tdci 2.0 2: a decent maintence manual similar to a haynes? look forward to your response!