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  1. Uneven Tyre Wear

    Hi Yes tyre pressure was increased in accordance with the handbook for full load. The tyres are Kumho. Thanks
  2. Uneven Tyre Wear

    Hi - New to Forum. Have 07 S-Max which was bought nearly new and now done 55k miles. Travelled down through France in the summer with a full load and started to hear an oscillating or vibrating noise from the back wheels. Despite the noise there seemed to be nothing wrong and nothing adverse developed. Came back and the noise seemed to improve although it always seemed to be there in the background. Anyway, popped into a tyre company today for them to take a look and when they took the tyres off they said the sound was caused by uneven wear which was clearly visible. The tyres aren't that old and they mentioned that another S-Max driver had been in recently with the same sort of problem/tyre wear. They seemed to think this was something due to the independent suspension on the rear. Just curious whether others have suffered similar issues? Funnily enough, I'm sure I had similar problems with my previous car which was a 51 Mondeo Estate. This used to tow a caravan. Can heavy loads impact wheel alignment/wear? Thanks wizzer
  3. S-Max 56 Fly Wheel Problem

    Just joined the forum - yes my dual mass flywheel failed at c50k miles - full repair including new clutch etc £1500. Ouch!!