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  1. good tip! mines a 98 saloon with a 1.6 zetec. everytime i go for new rear brake shoes, they offer me two! the excuse? it was an end of line model & ford just stuck on what parts they had left! nice people in my parts shop, lol
  2. nice 1 lublin, that was helpful! any idea how long a job like this would take for a man with the right tools? bearing in mind i'm ordering the cam holding tool off ebay to do the cam belt too!
  3. no need to remove the dash. just lift up the bonnet & it's between the windscreen wipers!
  4. hi darren to replace the resistor is just as easy as to replace the blower motor. it basically clips onto the middle of the blower. the hardest part is to get to them both. i reckon if you allow 30 mins to do the job, you should be fine. in honesty, i'd blame the resistor. it's a common fault with fords. go to the breakers armed with a 10mm, 13mm spanner/ratchet & a couple of screwdrivers. strip the old one out (if you break anything, who cares!) then you'll know how hard it is. i take it you know where to find it???
  5. cheers boys, i'm gonna give it a go. it would have to snow though, wouldn't it! i'll keep you all posted & thanks for all the tips
  6. on last check it looked fine.i'm going to strip her weekend & have a good old fashioned look. thanks for getting back to me buddy, i think we're going down the right path. could it be an idle valve on its way out???
  7. you could try a compression test on the cylinders. you never mentioned which engine it was. worse case is the head has got a crack in it. i'm not sure if the spark plugs would give you an indication of a leak, but it's worth having a look. doing a head gasket isn't that bad of a job really, even for a novice. haynes do an excellent diy manual (number 1737) just read through it to familiarise yourself with the parts. a good socket set & a few bits & bobs & your off! does the car overheat sam?
  8. hi sam. is the coolant level low? does it need regular topping up? i'm thinking head gasket on it's way out.
  9. cheers tom. apparently it could be a small vac leak. i was advised to start at the inlet manifold & work my way back. i have put on new leads & plugs but this didn't cure the problem. i even replaced the cat, just in case. think it's time to strip her down & look for bad news anybody else got any ideas???
  10. hi everybody my escort has a very annoying idle problem. once it has warmed up, the idle raises & lowers constantly. this has been expertly described to me as 'hunting'. last year she failed her mot on emmisions, so i took her for diagnostics. lambda sensor, maf & air switch goosed. i replaced these & scraped her through the mot. the garage told me my trusty steed had a slight misfire & this was the cause. has anybody got any ideas because the mot is due soon & i don't want to send her to the breakers???? cheers in advance.