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  1. Heated Seats/facelift Question

    God morning! To answer your first question, yes there are two separate switches for the front seats. Included a "dimish" picture where you can see the switch. ( Had focus on the foot well lights on that pic.) No heating element in the backrest, just the actual seat.... Hope it helps! Puttesson
  2. Thought i´d stop by and say hello to ya´all! Been following this forum since late november last year. I am living in the south of Sweden, 41 years old, and been a member of the blue oval club since the mid of november last year, when my wife totally wrecked our Renault Scenic and we had to buy ourselves a new car. Since our kids soon are reaching their 20´s, we´d thought about "downsizing" in our car choice, and totally fell in love with the Mk7 Fiesta!! What a lovely car to drive compared to the Scenic!!! We decide to by a new Titanium X in Morello, 4 door HB. The alloy-wheels are for the "extra" winter-wheels you must have in Sweden during the winter season. 15" with GoodYear Ultragrip+. Looking forward to the spring and the 16" original D2XLH.... Thou so near you Britons, so much differs.... For example our Titanium X has the 1.25 82PS in Sweden. It also has as standard, side-curtain-airbags, heated seats, but has no leather seats, only 16" wheels e t c! A couple of months after the accident my wife is now fully recovered after the crash with the Scenic, and just loves to drive the Fiesta!! Strange - suddenly we have two persons who´s always willing to drive.... My biggest passion in life is anything on wheels! The speed and the wind in my hair when appreciable ... My brother and I loves cycling in different forms. This picture from a "long-race", Vatternrunt, a 300km one-day race around lake Vattern. Me on the left! Did it just over 9 hours.... When not cycling, I´m motorcycling on this lovely Piaggio Mp3.... And if I´m not cycling or motorcycling I´d probably be driving our new Fiesta! We´d had an awful amount of snow the last two months, but now, finally, the darn snow been starting to melt!! See ya´ around here!! Cheers!! Puttesson
  3. Fiesta winter....