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  1. Hi, they look fine. Also tried letting off some fluid which doesn't make any difference so I don't think it's a residual pressure issue.. Thanks, Joe
  2. Not tried that. You think the pipes ma be blocked with rust?
  3. Hi, yes it does it even when the handbrake cable is not hooked on... thanks, Joe
  4. Hi guys, Right I need some help please. A couple of weeks ago I replaced the rear discs and pads on my V reg focus estate. Trouble is, once installed and all put back together the brakes aren't 'backing off' enough and are rubbing on the discs. I drove around town a bit shortly after this and this causes the discs to get pretty hot even with no heavy braking. I had this before last year with a front brake and it overheated badly and ended up having to get a new caliper but the disc is slightly warped I think. On this occasion I've tried a few things such as pumping the cylinder out and winding back in a few times to try and free up any stiffness but this didn't work, I've also tried releasing brake fluid at the caliper to see if the lines are staying pressurised for some reason. None of this worked. Today I've replaced the caliper on one side, bled the brakes etc and now the same thing!!! The pads are still rubbing on the disc. And I'm sure it will overheat on a motorway run.. Has anyone got any suggestions please? Any help much appreciated. Cheers Joe
  5. The piston has a sort of cross on it, is there supposed to be a tool that it engages with? Is there a nrv in the system for the backs? on the fronts as I drove the piston back the level in the reservoir rose. Cheers
  6. Hi yeah I did try that but it still wouldn't go..
  7. Hi all, I'm stuck trying to wind back the slave pistons (see pics) on my focus on the rears. I had no trouble with the fronts using the laser rewind tool (see pic) but the rears don't wanna have it. Any tips? Do they need to be screwed back? The fronts went straight back alright... Thanks, Joe