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  1. Hi all, I have recently purchased an '08 plate diesel S-Max and am very happy with it, but I'd like to sort out the stereo. It came with a CD 6000 unit, I love the steering wheel controls and the silver front blends well with the interior. The issue comes about that we used to have a six-pack CD player in our old Ford Galaxy and with five of us with varied musical tastes having just one CD player just doesn't cut it. I am looking at either or both a 6-pack CD option or a USB MP3 player, but I don't want to have to skip through 80 tracks to get to the one I want to listen to, so a menu system to select a subdirectory to play or somesuch would be a requirement. If such a menu system exists then either a data CD players or a USB stick option would be good. If it can plug in to the current CD 6000 head and use the AUX option, that's nice. If it replaces the current unit and still uses the steering wheel controls is also good. Is there anything around that will do this for me? |\/|