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  1. Smelly

    Legend Man, Thanks
  2. Smelly

    Thanks Buddy, any idea the cost?
  3. Break,engine Light Comes On At Traffic Light

    Just thought ill let you guys know it was my ICV (IDLE CONTROL VALVE) needed to be replaced :D Thanks
  4. Smelly

    Hi Guys need your help once again lol basically its been snowing here really bad in south, as i was driving my car and my heater was on full blast and it was all working fine and that, then suddenly strange smell started to come out from Air vent at first i thought it mite be the rubber from the tyres but today i drove again put the heater on started to smell again, dont know what could it be, anyone had this problem? opened the bunnet cant seem to find anything leaking or lose Thanks in advance
  5. Break,engine Light Comes On At Traffic Light

    Lol yeah gotta say Love my ford thou no matter what and this site is awesome
  6. Break,engine Light Comes On At Traffic Light

    Rite guys I took it to my Garage today and they a good look, they have took something out apparently where the air gets in and gave it a good clean as you can notice I am not technical and don't know about cars as much lol but it seems like its fixed now hopefully it should be ok now, thanks guys for your support :D
  7. Break,engine Light Comes On At Traffic Light

    Ok ill take it to my garage tommorow and let you guys know :D
  8. Break,engine Light Comes On At Traffic Light

    Great advice guys thanks, by any chance could it do with the battery? i don't think its ever been replaced, usually when i put the heater on and the foot break on the light goes abit deem
  9. Hi Guys not sure if anyone has posted this but I really need your help guys, I have got slight problem, when I am driving my ford focus about 70-80mph and when I stop at traffic light, my battery,engine oil light comes on and the steering wheel goes real tight then I have to press the GAS really hard to move again and then its fine, when I am driving locally 30-40MPH its completely fine I have attached a picture of which lights come on. any one had this similar issue??? Thanks in Advance