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  1. Have you unzipped the downloaded file before placing it on the USB?
  2. Many thanks for the replies - helped to put my mind at rest :-)
  3. Hi All, When cleaning my car this morning I noticed that all 3 standard wheel nut heads on both front drivers and passenger sides have a slight play in them of about 1mm (they make a rattle noise when you rub them). I double checked that the nuts were on tight - which they are, however there is still a little play in the front wheel nuts. the rear standard nuts have no play. I wondered if anyone else with Titanium 16" wheels has experienced this? Kind Regards, Geoff.
  4. Many thanks for the reply John. I have had 3 people tell me the clicking has got worse since it was in for a new steering column yesterday.... looks like I will be back to the dealer again.....!
  5. Hi All, My fiesta was in the dealership yesterday as I have an on going saga with a grinding noise when turning right at low speeds. They replaced the steering column yesterday in the latest attempt to resolve the issue. However following this work I am convinced there is now a load harsh 'click' noise when turning my wheel when indicating 'as though the switch is slightly out of position however it could be my imagination. Could anyone else please confirm whether the click when turning in 'harsh' on your car? Any help would be greatly appreciated :-) Geoff
  6. Hi Steve, I got the spare wheel kit with my new Titanium last September. I can confirm that you simply get a 14' steel wheel and jack. No special nuts for the steel wheels are supplied - you are just advised to not drive faster than 80kmh! Cheers Geoff.
  7. Hi Nicola, I had a similar problem myself a couple of months ago. I noticed that on cold mornings my brakes had a high pitched squeaking noise when pulling to a slow halt. After inspection at the dealership they changed my brake pads (I had only done 3k) anyway that stopped the noise for about a week, then it returned! Anyway I have accepted it as something to do with brake dust build up and cold weather as the noise has now gone away with the warmer tempewratures of late. It is worth getting them to check it out though. Geoff.
  8. Hi all, I have a 7 months old Fiesta Titanium. When I place the steering on full lock as driving slowly (e.g. turning a corner in a car park) a 'creaking' type of sound comes from the steering (sounds like the motors). However this does not occur when turning left. I reported this to my local dealer who said they found a known fault, however after the 'fix' the noise remains. I am taking it back in tomorrow but wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Cheers, Geoff.
  9. Hopefully getting my brakes fixed next Friday. Been in with them a couple of times and they have agreed to replace the front pads on mine, they just did not have any new pads in stock!!! Hope you managed to get yours fixed in the end.
  10. Cheers for the reply Mick. When I get round to getting mine looked at I'll let you know what they say (no fault found I bet!!)
  11. I have started to experience the same problem myself in the past couple of weeks - am thinking of booking mine in to get it checked out. Did you discover where the problem was coming from on your car?