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  1. Took it to a friend who's a bit more savvy than i am he said that it was the bulb fitting not earthing correctly.
  2. Thanks jeebowhite it turned out to be a bad earth .
  3. The Holder looks totally clean I pop to store tomorrow and buy a couple of new bulbs just to make sure its not them. not sure where that will earth to.
  4. Have you tried changing the batteries in the key? also I had a sticky starter motor when I tried starting car would randomly drain battery sometimes, a friend sorted it for me by re-greasing it.
  5. Hi I've just upgraded to a Ford Focus MkII estate 1.6 TDCI I was driving last night and noticed that the O/S brake light not working but the O/S side light and reversing light working fine have changed bulb and still nothing. the centre brake light and N/S brake/side/reversing working fine also.?