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  1. ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change

    Great guide Shadow, all front lamps replaced in 35mins thanks to your pictures and info.
  2. secret hole

  3. Boot Lettering Debadge

  4. De-Badging, Help!

    Hair drier (30sec,s),or leave in a sunny position for a while, then pull dental floss or fishing line behind badges.
  5. My Zs

    Nice car, although I would debadge and remove dealership sticker from rear window
  6. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    Hi, I also have suffered with USB/Bluetooth freeze-ups. Had to take my car back to the dealer for a different problem so I just asked if there was any software updates since March 2010? The engineer said there was which he installed (Jan 2011). USB/Bluetooth not missed a beat since.
  7. Hi, my 2010 ZS had no working reversing lights from day 1. I proved the fault myself to be a duff gearbox switch which my local fraud stealer replaced. also from day 1 my ESP switch has been fitted upside down,the machanic said the complete dash would have to be removed for the switch to be put right, I said leave it. Does anyone know if this is true? Not wanting to scratch the facia in anyway I can put up with it but it is annoying every time I look at it.
  8. Hi all, first post. Had my car since March 2010 and only just realized BOTH my reversing light are not functioning.I don't think both bulbs are faulty.Anyone help or had similar problem? Maybe a gearbox switch fault? If so m :( ay have to let Fraud look at it. :(
  9. Hello To All

    Just to say hello,been a guest for to long, now a member I hope to add to some topics in the near future.