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  1. Engine Warning Light

    Fun or not, but the engine warning light went off by itself. I started the car cold air (-20 C) and motor started very well but had a huge noise and the engine warning light and oil pressure warning light was on. I turn off the engine immediately and I started again so all the warning lights went off and the engine was running completely normal.
  2. Hi, First problem with my 2200 km driven mondeo :( Today morning I was starting engine and after that engine warning light (yellow) didnt shut down. Is there any way in which a warning light may be self-removed ? Mondeo is a guarantee, of course, but I do not have time to run the garage over the next couple of weeks.
  3. Powershift Or Manual

    Local dealer chipped my Mondeo (only 800 km driven), and now has 155 hp / 340 nm. Total costs 550 euros. Does not affect the car's warranty at all I have had diesel car for several years. Here in Finland it is not worth buying a diesel car if you drive a bit of miles a year since the fuel will have to pay a separate fee which is the Mondeo in the case of about 500€/year. If you drive about 40 000 km / year in both diesel should be cheaper. Anyway I really like torque of the diesel-engine. I'm already ordered the new Galaxy, which comes in January and it is certainly a big car (7 seats), although I do not even need so big car..Grand-c would have been enought space
  4. So finally seat belt arlam has deactivated..Almost same instructions as in the above link. 1. Apply the parking brake. 2. Place the transmission selector lever in P (Park) - vehicles with automatic transmission or the neutral position - vehicles with manual transmission. 3. Turn the ignition switch to position 0. 4. Close all the vehicle doors from the inside of the vehicle. Then 1. Unbuckle the driver safety belt. 2. Turn the ignition switch to position II. (Do not start the engine). 3. WAIT AT LEAST 15 SECONDS 4. The remaining steps must be completed within 60 seconds or the procedure must be repeated. 5. Buckle then unbuckle the safety belt nine times, ending with the safety belt unbuckled. 6. The safety belt warning indicator flashes three times to confirm the belt minder status change. 7. Turn the ignition switch to position 0. After confirmation, the deactivation / activation procedure is complete.
  5. Powershift Or Manual

    True. It´s better looking. Grand-c rear sliding doors are very practical. Here in Finland price difference between these two models are only 1500 euros. Not bad. Actually grand-c is almost in same segment as the S-max. S-max is wider but grand-c is much cheaper.
  6. Powershift Or Manual

    Excellent purchase. New c-max is a great car to drive. Diesel and powershift is a good compination. Are you going to order normal c-max or grand-c ?
  7. Powershift Or Manual

    Yep. Here is lot of users who doesnt write more than one message. I have a lot to write but my language skills are not enought technical side
  8. Powershift Or Manual

    Fuel consumption is about 7 l/100 km. Not bad because car is brand new and circumstances in finland this time of year are quite hard (60 cm snow and -15 degrees :( ). I drive always full auto except i drive with caravan. 5th and especially 6th gears are too long to drive 80-90 km/h with 2000 kg caravan.
  9. S Max Engines

    There is also 4 cylinder 163 ps engine..and it is co-operation engine between ford and psa :) It seems that your dealer doesn´t know what is he selling..
  10. Powershift Or Manual

    Definitely powershift. I have mondeo 2,0 tdci with powershift. It work´s fine with diesel-engine using engine low rpm torque and changes gears faster than traditionally auto box.
  11. How Is The 1.8 Tdci ?

    Durable engine but torque at lower rpm is bad. Ecu programming might help a bit. Here in Finlad has had some freezing problems at low temperature. "Breather hose" has been problem. If possible then buy 2.0.
  12. Hi Everyone

    I am also new here in forum. I just sold my Honda Accord and I bought a new mondeo 2,0 tdci titanium powershift Picture . I have also Galaxy 2,0 tdci titanium -09 but it´s already sold and I get my new galaxy 15 january. It´s hard to wait
  13. Starting In The Cold!

    The battery is broken. If engine starts after charging the battery so it doesn´t seem to be problem with starter. How the battery has tested ? I have -09 Galaxy and third battery already going.
  14. I also tried doors locked (doing it from inside) but didn´t work either.
  15. Didn´t work :( Should the doors be closed or locked ? I didn´t lock the doors.. I have to try again tommorow. Anyway thanks for a useful link.