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  1. Hi Tke a look at this (towbar fitting instructions), it includes bumper removal
  2. I recently put genuine roof bars on my fusion, there are holes under the rubber trim, as I recall, they are around 700mm, which does look a bit close, thule roof bars also fit at around 700mm
  3. According to the handbook, there should be a switch by the heated screen switches to turn it on/off, I don't have one, so I don't think I have ESP (its a '55 model)
  4. Thanks, I feel a bit better about it now. :D
  5. I just got genuine roof bars for my fusion, it states that the max load is 50 kg with ESP & 25kg without ESP. I don't have ESP, but need to carry two kayaks, that would be around the 50kg mark. What does the ESP do to increase the load capacity?, will I have problems if I use them, they also seem a bit weak, only 4 x M6 bolts holding them on. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. if it was running fine before, I would suspect that the battery has had it,I would get either the car or the battery to a garage to be tested, it may have a dead cell, it may be worth getting the alternator checked out as well. Let us know when you find the problem.
  7. Sounds like an alternator, but may be a faulty (new) battery, also, did you check that the battery connections are still tight?,its easy to test yourself if you have a volt meter, other wise, any kwick fit, ETB, should be able to check it for you.
  8. Thanks for your help, nothing worse that big expense just before Christmas, hope you do ok with a TV.
  9. So, £311 later, one new fuel pump and idling is as it should be and no more rough running. Hope this helps some one in future with the same problem.
  10. Well, sent it in to the garage today, turns out its the fuel pump, getting it done, so fingers crossed it will be fixed.
  11. Thanks taffg, think I'll do the leads this weekend, and see how it goes from there.
  12. Thanks, The fuel filter was replaced (according to the receipt), I did wonder about a blocked breather. I will try idling the car with the cap off and report back. Is there a breather in the cap? I can describe the fuel starvation (if it is that) as being the same feeling as putting your foot down in an automatic car, and having that drop in revs and hesitation as it changes gear, its just like that, hesitates, then drives ok until you acceletate again.
  13. Hi all, just bought a 05 1.4 petrol Fusion, I really like the car, but have two problems, 1. the car idles ok, but every 10 seconds or so, it changes the idle, almost as if it has an engine misfire, then its fine for another 10 seconds 2. driving tday, after 50 miles, the car started hesitating while cruising, like fuel starvation, it was low on fuel, but not empty, aftr putting fuel in, the problem disappeared. Its the first time it has done it. (I have only had it a week) Bought it private from a chap who owned it from new, so can't take it back to a garage. The car has 32000miles on the clock, and was last serviced 2 weeks ago, before I took ownership of it, it was serviced by the same garage from new. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.