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  1. Your Focus

    My 1.8 TDCi Zetec S
  2. Focus-None Dpf.

    Hi, I have a 2009 1.8 tdci focus zetec s and am looking at getting one of the tuning boxes. How do I find out if my car has a dpf? I think it makes a difference as to which box I can get. Cheers James
  3. Just Bought A New Focus Zetec S

    Nice looking car:-) Smart colour. Had the diamond brite option when I got mine but didn't know much about it so decided to give it a good coat of polish myself. James
  4. Hi, I have recently purchased a Focus Zetec S 1.8 TDCi, its a 2009 model and has 18 inch alloys and the black rear glass. I previously has a Mazda RX8 and fancied having something a bit more economical:-) and with a bigger boot. Really happy with the car so far and find it really easy to drive and very practical. I gave it a good wash and polish today but it was too dark to take pics when I finished so I will have to add them later. Pic of car before I added mud flaps. James
  5. Mudflaps

    Hi, I am new here too, have been meaning to sign up for a while but only now got around to it. I too have a zetec s and was told by the dealer that they couldn't get mudflaps so I got These from ebay They were easy to fit and do a great job at keeping mud off the car, they also suit the style of the car very well. You can get the same for a bit less on ebay as a universal fit. Hope this helps. James