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  1. You lot have got it good, im getting 20.1 MPG. LOL
  2. This is the second S max this has happened on. Got a 240 ecoboost Titanium X sport with 300 miles on the clock. Engine malfunction has come up on the dashboard and it wont let me go over about 3000 RPM. This also happened on my previous 203 BHP S max. I took it to the dealer and he said it was an air pipe that had come adrift from the intake somewhere, but I cant find it. Pain in the !Removed! taking it back to the dealer, so has anyone got any ideas ?
  3. Its just an upgraded 4 cylinder 140 PS Peugeot engine.
  4. Got a 2010 S max Tit x sport. Noticed a puddle of light brown oily substance on the drive tonight and found the same stuff all round the inner passenger side wheel arch. Looks to be coming from the shock absorber. Anyone else had this trouble ? Cars only done 4000 miles. :-(